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Love is Not Genetic


For a while my kids were so into Duck Dynasty that we had it saved on our DVR. I didn’t even realize a new season had started until I noticed three episodes were saved, so I turned it on. It’s one thing my husband and I don’t argue about. He doesn’t love my HGTV obsession and I seriously cannot stand watching someone hunt or fish on TV, so Willy and Jase give us a little sliver of neutral ground.

corney creek - easter 1248.JPG

The ZooCrew in Monroe, Louisiana. My grandpa use to say you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose… but you can pick the nose of a Robertson.

So, I hit play- as the show ended I realized there were actually two episodes saved together, one was Duck Dynasty and the other was a new spin-off, Expanding the Dynasty, which chronicles the new journey of Jep and Jessica Robertson, as they venture down Adoption Road.

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Fresh cookies!


The other day I picked my son up from school, and he had the biggest smile on his face! “Momma, today was my lucky day!” He was so happy, I had to ask: “Oh yeah, what made it so lucky?”

“I found two cookies on the floor!” Uh-oh, I was scared of the answer to my next question, because I knew what it was gonna be, but I asked anyway. “Did you eat them???”

“Momma, they were FRESH COOKIES!”

It made me realize life is all about perspective. If I were to see fresh cookies on the floor, I don’t think I would be filled with excitement. In fact, I know I would be storming down the hallway in search of the munchkin who is leaving cookies on the floor!

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