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Praying in the Front Seat

Praying in the Front Seat

This morning I was dropping off my son’s medicine at the Junior High. I was rushing from school to school because it’s STAAR testing day in the great State of Texas.

I won’t bore you with my feelings about standardized testing. Not today. But for the record, I don’t believe the STAAR test is the right way to encourage achievement in education.

However, this morning my focus was encouraging my kids to do their very best. I wanted to send them to school full of beliefs. They are able to conquer STAAR Mountain!

As I came out of the Junior High I noticed a father parked in front of the school. Maybe he was a grandfather or an uncle, but for the sake of this story, he’s just Dad.  Read the rest of this entry


On the Road Again


So I’m on the road to graduating, again. I don’t k now why it’s taken me 6 years to finish college, but hey, better late than never, right?! Actually I do know why it has taken me so long. It’s a crazy mix of chaos and the inability to do anything for myself.  All my life I have felt utterly guilty anytime I was focused on something for me.

journal 005From the moment I could hold a pencil, I have loved to write. It’s been my way of dealing with every heartbreak, every challenge, and every moment of joy in my life. I started with this little red diary that I wrote in when I was seven years old. Sometimes I go back to that little book and check on the little girl who rambled on those pages and the one thing that sticks out at me still is the fact that at seven years old, I dreamed of going to college.

I was a pretty smart kid. So smart I was bored. I thought for sure college would challenge me with new ideas. I was a pretty good student, in fact if I said how many colleges were interested in having me, it would sound like a fisherman’s tale, but I could have made many choices. I have to believe God’s plan for me was somewhere in the choices I made. Read the rest of this entry