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Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds

Yesterday I took most of my crew to my niece’s graduation. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said they grow up too fast I could almost afford to feed this crew! All the way to the graduation I warned them that we have to be quiet and still- that’s a bit of a challenge for these kids. I expected to have to repeat myself at least 3 times. We had only been seated a few minutes when someone was pulling on my sleeve.

“Mom, mom, moooooooom?!” I glared over at my little Diva, who promptly tattled “They’re talking!” I looked past her at 3 silent brothers, and lowered my eyebrows quizzically. “Not them, THEM!” She pointed behind us at a group of people who seemed to have a case of the giggles. The kind of giggles that might be happening on “That 70s Show”… Read the rest of this entry


He Had Me at Hello


Things are pretty tough in the Zoo right now. I’m having to spend big chunks of time separated from my husband and manage the bulk of the household on my own. Meanwhile, he is scrambling to cover the financial side of this partnership, and he’s under a huge amount of strain. There’s nothing like sleeping all alone to give you hours upon hours of reflection.

The other night I was flipping through the channels. When I can’t sleep I like to find an old movie, one I know by heart, and turn it on. I can close my eyes, listen to the dialogue, and picture the movie in my mind. This helps me turn off the constant questioning that buzzes on in my brain. “Do I have enough in the bank to cover the cell phone bill? When is the last day to pay the cable? Are we out of fruit snacks? Did Trenton show me his reading log? Did Jayden find his shoes? Did we feed the turtles today? How hard could it be to tape and float sheetrock?”….. It goes on and on, so if I can find a movie, one I already know, I can usually go to sleep. Read the rest of this entry

Going Back


Well it’s official. Summer is OVER! Today the weather will still be a scorching 100° outside, but the focus has shifted. Instead of getting ready for a picnic or a jump in the pool, we’ll be doing homework and heading out for football practice. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE summer vacation.

I love sleeping in a little later, planting flowers together, having lunch in the park, but let me tell you, having the ZooCrew home all day everyday is a lot of really hard work. My poor refrigerator actually posted it’s own “Thank You” note on the door this morning. It said “Have a great first day of school kids, I will enjoy keeping my doors closed for the next 8 hours.” My front door said “Omgoodness, I won’t be opened 14 times an hour today.” and the cold air added “I might actually be able to stay inside.” Meanwhile the washer and dryer were breathing huge sighs of relief. “They can’t change clothes ten times if they’re at school!”

Personally I’m going to miss the knock-down drag-out wars over whether we are watching Disney Jr or Gone in 60 Seconds. When I get in the car to run to Wal-Mart I won’t be sure how to handle the silence. I’ve grown accustomed to “It’s my turn in the front” or “I promise not to ask for anything if I can go with you” and “MOM! She stole my seatbelt!” Read the rest of this entry

No Toast Today!


So life has gotten pretty busy here in the zoo. Sometimes I fall asleep writing a blog in my mind. IF I actually got all my ideas to my computer, I think the founder of WordPress himself would call me up and tell me “no more bandwidth for you!” Sadly, I don’t actually write all of the things that pop into my head. But I do text myself some of my ideas, just in case the illusive “spare time” creeps up on me!

Summers are manic for me. The kids are all home all day, which means they eat a lot more. I have to run to the store more because we’re forever running out of milk and cereal, and then they spill that cereal on their pants and her we go! I’m doing another load of laundry. I saw this picture on Facebook today, and I thought to myself, in this house, the choice is ALWAYS “RUN”!


Oh what I would give for my laundry room to look like that!! I’m on the search for a commercial sized triple load washer and dryer. I go to bed dreaming that if I could somehow upgrade to that, my life would become exponentially more enjoyable. What happened to my dreams of making out with “Zach” on Saved by the Bell? Now, I dream of appliances. I never knew my life would head in that direction! Read the rest of this entry

Where Football Reigns as King


This is Texas. There are only two things to know about Texas. It’s hot, and football is king.

Now some people will tell you that to appreciate Texas you’ve gotta know the proper use of the word y’all.


courtesy of etsy.com

Some people might think it’s important to recognize that Texas is the only state that has the right to become it’s own country.

image courtesy of www.theblaze.com

image courtesy of http://www.theblaze.com

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Missing in Action


So I realized the other day that my blog has been MIA. It’s not because I’ve lost my love for writing, and I don’t have writer’s block, it’s just that it’s summertime and while my blog might be missing in action, I’ve been buried under the commotion!

By the third week of summer we’d been to the emergency room five times! No, that’s not an exaggeration. First it was our baby girl’s big night, Dance Recital! Grandparents were in attendance, children were shuffled into the auditorium, and we all gathered to see Kailynn twist and twirl on stage. Of course, to see her dance meant we had to sit through dozens of dances, but that’s what being a little girl is all about!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL MOVIE Read the rest of this entry

Midnight in Montgomery


 Mondays are not my favorite, so I try to tell a story that puts me in a better mood. Music always puts me in a better mood, so Mondays I tell my best Music moments. Feel free to join me! I will link back to you if you do…



Well it wasn’t really midnight when we rolled into Montgomery, but it was raining.

Something seemed almost soulful about the pouring rain in Alabama, and I kept hearing that old song play through my head. I wanted to soak in the spirit of ol’ Hank. Of course that was a little bit challenging when 8 kids kept saying “I’m hungry. Mama, I’m hungry!”

I love music and I love history, so of course I love the legendary stories of country music. I don’t think it matters if you like country music or not. I listen to all kinds of music, but country tells stories in a way that no other genre can touch. You just have to respect that there is some amazing history in there. There are tragedies, tears, and a whole lotta rising up against all that! Even though we still had many miles to go, my husband gave into my curiosity and drove me down the Lost Highway.

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So far, so good!


So we headed out at 3am Saturday morning and by lunchtime we had made our way to Little Rock, Arkansas! I was looking for somewhere good to stop and have a picnic lunch when Google suggested I check out “The Old Mill”.

The old mill wasn’t originally in that particular place, it was moved there, but it is the same mill that is spotted in the opening scenes of “Gone With the Wind.” My husband swears he’s watched the movie, but somehow I am having a hard time believing that. Especially since when I told him “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” he didn’t seem to get it…

It turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had had a picnic at! I took about 200 photos. In fact, in less than two days I have already taken over 800 pictures!

My kids get pretty annoyed with my constant need to snap away, but I know what’s gonna happen, they’re gonna all grown up and move away and I am gonna spend my days thumbing through those gash darned scrapbooks and then I’ll be able to call them up and say “Hey, remember that time we…..” So I am not apologizing for making them say cheese 964 times. I am just taking the necessary steps to ensure plenty of entertainment at the 2035 Family Reunion.

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Monday Got Away From Me


This weekend we went on a little road trip to Jacksboro to see one of my sisters get married. For the most part we had a lot of fun. (Note to self: Never again allow extra kids to spend the night the day before a road trip. If the spilled cereal, scattered X-box games, and 42 blankets on the floor weren’t enough, the Facebook status that said “When visiting a house where 11 kids spent the night, be prepared to sit in pickle juice. :p” should definitely be a sufficient reminder!) There’s just nothing like waking up to find 71 messes that no one seems to remember making. (Not Me did it!!) Despite the mad dash to get out the door, I have always loved the moments stuck in the car with my kids. Only problem was, there was one child missing.

Dyl Pickles has escaped the madness of the Prestridge Zoo temporarily, so this Monday Music Memory is dedicated to my first born son, because I have really been missing him, even his little brother misses him, and he’s too far away to do anything about it if I happen to add one or two embarassing photos!

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Not Another Blizzard


It’s a bittersweet kind of day in the quaint little town of Salado, Texas. All things growth and progress related are bringing the end to an era, the closing of doors. Somehow I just don’t think that place will ever be quite the same.

When we were kids our parents were divorced. My sisters and I moved with our mom to Houston. Our dad remarried and lived in Salado. Once my sister had a teacher who told her there was no way we could be going to Salado for Springbreak, because she swore it was an African Village. It was a village alright, but it was smack dab in the middle of Central Texas. It didn’t help us prove our case much that Salado wasn’t always on road maps back then, but it’s a historical little place known for the Stagecoach Inn, the Bed N Breakfasts, and the Main Street shopping. Thank goodness for Google Earth.  Sure wish I could remember that teacher’s name, I’d Facebook her a few greetings from Salado!

The mermaid in the creek!

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