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3 Legged Luck


So it’s midnight, and I’m folding clothes because, as usual, I am mountains behind on the laundry. I keep praying for the laundry fairy to show up and get it all done for me, but the only laundry fairy I can dream of is my sister, and she is facing her 16th brain surgery in two weeks, so I doubt she’s up for conquering my mountain. She does, however, iron so nicely…

Sometimes when I’m climbing the mountain of stinky smelly little boy clothes piled in my laundry room, I catch myself daydreaming about this commercial they had when I was a kid. I think it was ALL detergent, but the clothes flew through the house, into the washer, and came out clean! Why can’t my clothes take flight? I’d love that. Laundry is such my nemesis that the other day my mother posted this on Facebook: Read the rest of this entry