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If You Can’t Play Nice…

If You Can’t Play Nice…   I saw a hoodie online yesterday that totally reminds me of my son Tucker. It said “if you can’t play nice, play football.” He grinned from ear to ear when I told him about it. Some people think football is life or death, but to my son, it’s even more serious than that. In fact, we just received the wall decal he wants to take center stage on his bedroom wall. It’s a quote. JerryRice It certainly fits my son, because everyday he pushes himself a little harder. This morning he had the battle scars to prove it after the epic game the Tigers played last night.

This picture doesn’t do those bruises justice.

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Catch the Spirit


The past few weeks have been pretty tough on us. I’ve been such a ball of emotions. Some days I don’t know which way is up, but I just keep trudging along. The thing about losing my step-dad is that I’m just swimming in the sea of regrets. I guess everyone does that when you lose someone, but I can’t help but think about the many times I could have, should have, done something a little different.

I cleaned out my voicemail the other day, and I had two messages from him. I archived them- its surreal to think that is the last time I will ever hear his rumbling voice (it boomed so much bigger than you would expect from his small stature) saying “Tiff, this is Dad, call me back…” Read the rest of this entry

Where Football Reigns as King


This is Texas. There are only two things to know about Texas. It’s hot, and football is king.

Now some people will tell you that to appreciate Texas you’ve gotta know the proper use of the word y’all.


courtesy of etsy.com

Some people might think it’s important to recognize that Texas is the only state that has the right to become it’s own country.

image courtesy of www.theblaze.com

image courtesy of http://www.theblaze.com

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