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I’ve Been Keeping Secrets

I’ve Been Keeping Secrets

So much has been going on in this zoo of mine. My son is 17 days away from graduation. It’s been quite a ride with that kid. He’s an amazing young man. He’s smart. But the classroom hasn’t been his forte. He’s bored in there. He’d rather build something. I think he’s put together 5 cars since school started.

He drug home one little S-10 truck and put a V8 in it. If you’re not a car person, let’s just say tiny truck + big motor = FAST & LOUD. I’m excited to see what Dylan’s gonna do with his life. I’m proud of the man he’s become. He might not turn in his geometry, but if you’re fishing at the river and you get stuck in the mud, I guarantee he’ll be right there with his truck and a chain to save the day.

I don’t think it’s really sinking in just yet. 17 days and that little bitty baby will be done with the biggest chunk of childhood and I’ll have to give up my efforts to micro-manage him once and for all. Read the rest of this entry


A Few Gigs and a Fire


It’s kind of funny that I have seven kids but I’ve only given birth twice! Twice was enough for me, though. Both times I had pre-eclampsyia so bad, I was in danger of crossing over to the other side. I spent my last trimester on bed rest with my pregnancies, so I’m beyond amazed to see my Blondie playing gigs in her final weeks of pregnancy.

She welcomed the new year belting out a few tunes in San Antonio in the freezing cold.

Jan1-9 Presley Layne 026I’m amazed at this girl who managed to play 6 shows a week with a tube hanging out of her back to drain her kidney, along with the normal exhaustion of being pregnant. But as they say, the show must go on!

Jan1-9 Presley Layne 164So, even the night before they went off to have a baby, they rocked the Batbar in Austin, Tx. Read the rest of this entry