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Impossible To Beat


Valentine’s Day really isn’t my favorite holiday, but I’ve said that before.  It just never lives up to those movie-made expectations. I’m always left feeling sort-of bah-humbug. But this year I didn’t have a bad Valentine’s Day…

I didn’t sit around and write 65 cards for my kids to pass out. I sort of hate that tradition because I know where those cards end up. I also didn’t spend 19 hours perfecting the most amazing Pinterest cupcakes ever. Because I also know exactly where those cupcakes wind up. Instead the ZooCrew requested “Fruit Rollup Valentine’s”… AHHHH! The best of both worlds! A cool valentine + a snack for the party rolled into one! I’m loving the Type B personality that has taken over my life. Simple AND impressive: that’s how I roll! (OK, that’s how I’m learning to roll. Better?)

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A Hallmark Moment


Last night my husband had the foresight to ask Blondie and her Beau if they would do a little babysitting so he could take me out for a Valentine’s date, a day early. I don’t know why, I got those teenager bubbles in my stomach. I had a new red dress hanging in the closet, so Blondie and I made a voyage to buy new shoes, a few accessories, and for the first time all week, I broke out the good mascara. I even bought him a Hallmark! Read the rest of this entry

Surprise, Surprise!



So last weekend I pulled off the surprise, and I was surprised it went off the way it did! Somewhere around Christmas time my husband started to say “I’m about to turn 40, I can’t believe I’m gonna be 40.” Somehow that gave me a clue that turning 40 was a big deal for him! (Not sure how I figured that out…) So I started toying with the idea of throwing him a party.

I finally settled on a surprise party because he has surprised me many times over the years. Once he snuck in an antique coke machine when I wasn’t looking. Another time he tried to drop hints that the box under the tree was a George Foreman Grill when actually it was a much hoped for laptop. Even when I make him promise not to spend his money on me, he will make sure he knocks my socks off so I wanted to return the favor just once.surprise

I wasn’t sure I could pull together the crowd I did, but when I txtd his best man from our wedding and his favorite cousins, they were all quick to say “I’ll be there!” So in the weeks leading up to the big day, he dropped a hundred hints about wanting a party. I finally convinced him that we couldn’t afford to do one in the middle of birthday season (our family is loaded with back to back birthdays from Jan. 4th until Feb. 17) but that we would have a summer camping trip to celebrate. Read the rest of this entry



Despite the sarcasm in which I approach the dreadful V-day, I do have one good Valentine’s story, and I was saving it just for today. It was 1999 and I was a whopping 8 months pregnant. We lived in a small trailer my hubby’s parents owned to save money for our new baby. I had been on bed-rest since before Christmas, and stir-crazy  doesn’t even come close to describing the angst in my heart. Lucky me, I worked for Dell Computers back then, so my health insurance was top-notch. Instead of putting me in the hospital (which I would later learn is much worse) they brought the hospital to me.

I spent my days in my king size water bed, hooked to monitors and being visited by home health nurses. I passed the time writing in journals to Blondie and her baby brother. I taught her to tie her shoes, and we watched The Little Mermaid about 174 times. I couldn’t wait to have that baby. By the time Valentine’s Day came around, my patience had worn out.

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V-Day Survivor Faces New Challenge


©Tiffany Prestridge

 Somehow I made it through the dreaded V-day without a card or a poem or flowers or a romantic dinner or a diamond bracelet or even a love letter. I tried hinting for a Kindle Fire- nothing says love like a new electronic gadget. At the end of the day my hubby simply said “I thought you hated Valentine’s Day, so I skipped it. My bad.” In his defense, he did offer to run to Wal-Mart at 10pm, but apparently he doesn’t read my blogs. I’m thinking I may be able to make a whole new category based on my feelings for all things Wal-Mart, but at the end of the day my heart did not stop beating from the lack of adoration dished out. I made it through February 14th; I am indeed a survivor! I even painted on a happy face and served Big Red Ice-Cream Floats to a bubbly little kindergarten class. I also managed to buy all the kiddos some cute little tins filled with gigantic cookies, so all in all I wasn’t a total Cupid-Grinch.

I was, however, scolded by my hubby for voicing my opinion of elementary Valentine’s exchanges while picking through the dreaded Wal-Mart isle.  Apparently I am supposed to bite my tongue while in public. Dang, why do I keep forgetting that?

With V-day safely behind me, I am off to the next challenge. The disaster kitchen is about to face a major renovation! Am I ready for this? Yes!!  NO!   Maybe….

I took some “before” pictures today, as proof that my desperate need for a new kitchen is not based solely upon aesthetics. The other day, hubby was showing his dad the weak spot in our counter top, and the second he pounded it with his “Look, right here” proclamation, the entire thing busted through! I kid you not, this remodel has been desperately needed for about a decade!


The Black Hole!

Now I don’t wanna spoil the fun by showing off all the pathetic before pictures; I have decided to save the rest for when the after is something to oooh and aahhhh over! In an effort to save some serious dough, I have decided to stain and polyurethane them myself, and poor hubby is not looking forward to his new role as tile-layer / counter-top installer!

Despite his apprehensions, here we go down demolition road! I have never taken on a challenge quite this daunting… We’re talking weeks of chaos ahead of me! Today I purchased a few plastic bins to start packing, but so far I have unpacked preschoolers more than I have packed dishes. (What is it about a big empty box that screams “crawl inside me”?)

I’m scared to see what all I have collected in the dilapidated cabinets that are barely standing under the kitchen sink. We have lived in this house nearly 13 years. That’s a long time for a recovering pack rat like me! I think I will watch a few episodes of Hoarders help inspire me to put more and more in the “get rid of” pile. Heck, maybe I will open a store on Ebay and use my years of collecting to fund my remodeling, since the Prestridge Zoo Renovations Fund is growing slowly. Now that might be an idea worth working on! Surely someone wants a few ceramic polar bears…

If you don’t hear from me again soon, please send help. It’s possible that I will get lost in Remodeling Madness! Now, what will I feed the monkeys without a kitchen? I just don’t think I can bring myself to hit McDonald’s more than once.

Why Am I THAAAAT Girl?


What is it about Valentine’s Day that has ALWAYS left a sour taste in my mouth? Starting back in the 2nd grade, I learned that this day is nothing more than over-hyped bologna! Its so commercialized at this point there is absolutely no meaning left.The more I think about it, the more I realize Valentine’s Day really is my “bah-humbug” day because I can’t stop the sinister thoughts from flowing.

Tell me why elementary schools force kids to pass out cards to every kid in class? Why are we telling our first grade daughters to go around giving everyone a heart that says “be mine, hugs and kisses, XoXo”, and then we act surprised when they want to date the entire football team fifteen years later. Didn’t we set them up for that when we quit letting them pick and choose who to give their Valentine’s too? I think that rule (give every one a card) must have been fairly new when I was in elementary school, because I clearly remember there being a boy who let me know he only gave me a card because he HAD to. Oh well, I survived it. I learned right then that not every boy was gonna wanna XoXo with me.

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Bad Dog!


Along with Blondie’s birthday we always celebrate another year with Trixie (Blondie’s rat terrier). A little dog of her very own was Blondie’s 10th Birthday wish, and of course, birthday wishes should always be granted. From the moment she came wagging her little nub of a tail into our house, Trixie has been Blondie’s very best friend.

Just yesterday, I was commenting that finally Trixie had become a good dog! She’s outgrown potty breaks in the house and the horrible antics that almost left her homeless, or at least banished to the back yard…. like the time we went Christmas shopping and she went around the house from window to window and chewed up every curtain we had. (You don’t realize it, but the average house sports hundreds of dollars worth of curtains!) Then there was the time that Blondie’s first boyfriend brought over her first gigantic heart-shaped box full of chocolates. They were safe and sound on the kitchen table, so we thought. Blondie was told to put Trixie in her kennel that morning before school, but somehow, as 12-year-olds often do, she forgot! We got home from school that day to find the trash can had been devoured and destroyed all over the house. The chocolates were gone. And if you know anything about the Chocolate-Canine-Intestinal Disagreement, you know this wasn’t good. Blondie walked in her room to find chocolate-poop all over her brand new comforter. In fact, for a while Trixie made it a habit to use Blondie’s bed as her potty as a way to convey her feelings were hurt. If Blondie spent the night at a friend’s house, and left Trixie all alone, she would come home to a nice little present smack dab in the middle of her bed.

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