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Rain, Rain, It’s Ok


I always hear people complaining about the rain. Not me. I love rainy days. I like it when the house is kind of dim and the steady pitter-patter of rainfall seems to render the children just a little quieter. I don’t mind the occasional rain-out of the ball-game or telling the teenager: “You’re staying off the roads tonight!” I like to snuggle up, watch movies and peek outside at the lightning. Last year the thunder still scared the bejeebers out of my old dog and send her squealing and crying, but now that’s she’s nearly blind and mostly deaf, old Macy handles storms like a trooper.

My favorite thing about a rainy night just might be the hazy morning after. This morning I sat on my porch, bewildered that my little hummingbirds have already returned. I watched them dashing back and forth from feeder to feeder.

Morning walk 027-2

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