Sometimes I like to think we could turn around our financial difficulties if we would just put up a sign on the front door and start charging admission. Tickets to see the zoo crew in action would surely generate some much needed additional funds.

   The zoo crew started out with a husband who was so hyper and silly that neighborhood kids used to knock on the door and ask me if Sean could come outside and play. It grew by leaps and bounds when we discovered Hannah had a soft spot for stray animals, and so it goes like this…

    We have Hannah, our bubbly blonde super star who sings and plays guitar and drives a car, and sleeps with her little 3-legged dog! Then there is Dylan, our preteen football player who loves the Longhorns and is building a 1965 Chevy Truck, and he loves to stir little kids into a frenzy. Tucker was our baby, and was spoiled enough to prove it. He plays baseball and is a wiz in school. He loves animals and he’s a bit of a neat freak, but if you catch his room a mess, he will let you know he is helping his immune system practice fighting off the germs…

   That’s where it started, and then we were blessed enough to have 23 neices and nephews. Several of them have lived here at some point in there life, but for most of the last two years, four of them have called this home. There is Trenton, who just started kindergarten and he thinks Tucker hung the moon because he can play Xbox 360. Jordan and Jayden are the twins and they just started PreK, and we like to call them “double trouble”. Their little sister is only a year behind them, and she is by all means the princess of the palace. Little Miss KK should sing “if you’re spoiled and you know it clap your hands”, and then she should clap her hands!!

  I’d like to say that’s it, that’s the crew, but no… there’s more… Our 12 year old black lab, Macy was the runt Hannah had to keep. Then she has her little terrier, Trixie that she got for her 10th birthday that always sleeps in her bed. Dylan’s dog is a boxer named Max that we had put in the  “We have too many pets relocation program” but somehow, he ended up back here. Tucker’s dog is Chloe, an ugly little mismatched mutt that he loves dearly. Somehow we ended up with 2 cats, Bella and Garfield… 2 baby turtles, 2 toads, 3 gigantic fish, a cockatiel and a partridge in a pear tree…

    Ok, so I am kidding about the partridge in a pear tree… but the rest do reside here in our little bitty house… 7 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles, 2 toads, 3 fish, (does the cleaner fish count too? Make it 4 fish) 1 bird, and 2 insane parents who still find a way to laugh about at least one incident every day. And next door we have some grandparents and some cousins that contribute to the zoo-ocity of it all!

   So that’s a little introduction to the madness… Hope you follow along on the journey…

I thought about re-writing this post, but that’s where this blog started, so I left it, but that Blondie has graduated, been to Nashville, and made us grandparents. Our Dyl Pickles is only a year away from finishing school. Tucker has become a driven athlete and amazing student. Trenton makes straight A’s and loves sports. The twins are still double trouble, but like all my other boys they are a great balance of brains and feet! They love football and baseball and hip-hop and driving me insane. Our diva KK dances, cheers, plays softball, and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. They all love helping me spoil the grandbaby. We officially adopted the youngest 4 in 2012, and the journey has been ever changing. We battle ADD/ADHD/OCD/ODD but we don’t let the alphabet get us down. We’ve taken on the teenage years and pimple faces and first dates and PROM nights. We just keep looking for the silver linings because even though we’re broke, we live in a tiny house, and our car is falling apart, we know we are blessed beyond measure and the family we’ve built, well, it’s the true treasure! Oh, and that old lab is still here, 112 in doggy years!


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