She’s Baaaa-aaaack!

21 Jun

So Blondie came home for a few days! Talk about a happy family. The kids were all so excited to have their big sister home. That is, until she started bossing them around just like she used to do. “Pick up those socks! Clean the bathroom!” I have no idea why they jump like firecrackers when she says it, but I say it and I have to repeat it ten times before anyone notices.  She says it’s because I’m too soft. I say it’s because she’s too mean. Maybe it’s a little of both. Continue reading

And that’s a wrap….

13 Jun

So we made it through another football season, cheerleading season, school year, baseball season, after school program, softball season, and dance recital. I’m getting pretty good at moving from season to season and this year we even accomplished a few firsts! I have to say that every time I get really overwhelmed, feeling like this task is far too big to complete it well, I think back to where I was 5 years ago when I tucked 4 babies in and said to myself “what are we gonna do now?” Continue reading

School’s Out, FOREVER

8 Jun

It’s pretty hard to believe that it was already a whole year since my Blondie walked across that field, and said goodbye to high school and threw her cap in the air, but what’s even crazier is that last night, I went to my 20 year reunion! Twenty years!! How did that happen?


I guess Blondie is never too old to sit in Daddy’s lap!

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10 Questions You Never Ask Your Wife

4 Jun

10 questions you never ask your wife

Sick of sorry….

2 Jun

It seems like lately all I do is apologize. I’m sorry we’re running late to softball practice, I had to drop off the boys at baseball first. I’m sorry I forgot to text you back, my phone went off fourteen hundred times last night and it slipped my mind. I’m sorry my dog got out of the house, I’ve tried my best to train the kids to only let them in the back yard. And I’m sorry, oh so very sorry that this house is never ever as clean as it once was, which was never quite as clean as I wish it was. But most of all, I’m sorry I’ve had to say I’m sorry so many times, and frankly, I’m sick of being so sorry…. Continue reading

Bye Bye Bunny

2 May

So it was the Thursday before Easter when my little boy came home from school, bubbling over with excitement. I wondered why he was on cloud 9, and he quickly let me know he was overjoyed at the thought of Easter. I asked him if he knew what Easter was really about, (yes, he’s been told before, but he’s 6, so I was just checking for comprehension…) and he told me we were celebrating. Continue reading

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Goose Egg!

23 Apr



Hey Yu

18 Apr

Dear Yu,

I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but to be honest, I thought we had moved past them. I thought we were through the bad times. I didn’t expect perfection, I didn’t think every single day would run smoothly, but I thought for sure, we’d hit all the major road blocks.

Have I been perfect? No… I know, I let feet crawl all over you. Sometimes I left papers scattered everywhere. Once in a while you had to deal with a child who peed their pants, but what about all the good things I’ve done? Continue reading

Welcome to the World

16 Apr

The other day was my birthday…. and I’ll tell you, I’m officially 38 years old! I hear a lady doesn’t tell her age, but I’m proud to be this old. When I turn 40, there will be no black balloons, no tombstones, no sad faces… Sure, I’d love to go back to the 15 year old figure I once sported that lacked gray hair or fine lines, but where’s the character in that?  I earned every single one of these gray hairs, including the three I plucked out last week.

Getting older doesn’t bother me, but another year without my birthday buddy, that makes me sad. This year, instead of the flood of tears, I tried to hear his jokes in everything I said or did. It kind of helped. OK, there were still some tears. I believe some people touch our lives so deeply and there is no real recovery from that loss. The hole never heals, you just learn to function with a gaping wound in your heart. My grandfather was that man.

Our last dinner at Loma Linda's

Our last dinner at Loma Linda’s

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

3 Apr

An old friend stopped by today. I used to babysit his kids when they were little. Now they’re all big, almost done with high school, and he actually said “I remember looking at this and wondering how I was gonna do it, and now, it’s done!” Yes my friend, it’s done. For you anyway, I still have a few more to go. It had me thinking again, about life and how fast it changes. Continue reading