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Roses for a Pickle…

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Last night my nearly 17 year old son was sitting at my desk, scrolling through Facebook. I was sitting back staring at this kid, like I usually do. I keep asking myself “how did I make that big strong guy?” His birthday is just about a week away, so I’m drunk on nostalgia every time I look over at him.

He caught me staring and I could tell he was about to do it. He was about to make me cry. He does it on purpose. Every time he catches me giving him that “you’ve grown up too fast” look, he says “just think Mom, this is my last year of being a kid… then I’m gonna grow up and move away. I’ll probably travel. Maybe Alaska. Read the rest of this entry »

An Early Spring

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This is Texas, so we’ve already had spring sprinkled all through our winter. It was 80 degrees yesterday. The week of Christmas my butterfly plant bloomed again. We have definitely not been holed-up with cans of Campbell’s soup to warm us after a snowball fight. Down here in Texas we know Spring will be here soon, so Punxsutawney Phil didn’t give us any surprises, but I’m sure for some of our neighbors to the north, news of an early Spring is the buzz around town.

I kind of like Groundhog’s Day. It’s one of the few holidays yet to be destroyed by commercialism. No one is expecting cards or gifts or candy-filled eggs. And even though the Hallmark channel hasn’t dedicated months to groundhog cinema, there is indeed one funny movie to celebrate with. Too bad it’s not on Netflix- I’d stream it for the kiddos and make them a Groundhog’s Day feast.

Nothing to sell here folks! Just a groundhog going for a drive…

I think I just had a genius idea! Maybe we should celebrate Groundhog’s Day. Blondie can break out the karaoke, we’ll have Dyl Pickles build us a bonfire, we can play Slap Jack on the living room floor… this might be a plan brewing… Read the rest of this entry »

Love is Not Genetic

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For a while my kids were so into Duck Dynasty that we had it saved on our DVR. I didn’t even realize a new season had started until I noticed there were three episodes saved, so I turned it on since it’s one thing my husband and I don’t argue about. He doesn’t love my HGTV obsession and I seriously cannot stand watching someone hunt or fish on TV, so Willy and Jase give us a little piece of neutral ground.

corney creek - easter 1248.JPG
The ZooCrew in Monroe, Louisiana. My grandpa use to say you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose… but you can pick the nose of a Robertson.

Anyway, like I said, I hit play. As the show ended I realized there were actually two episodes saved together, one was Duck Dynasty and the other was a new spin-off, Expanding the Dynasty, which chronicles the journey of Jep and Jessica Robertson, who have decided to venture down a new road.

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Holy Moly, He stole a Harley!!

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I’ve never reblogged one of my own posts before, but the grandbaby just learned how to escape through the doggy door, which reminded me of this, and I can’t believe the boy I was writing about now drives a Rumble Bee complete with girl by his side…

Life With Blondie

Funny how a picture can keep a story alive! Yesterday when I was finishing up the blog that was supposed to be a music memory but ended up a bad Monday tangent, I threw a few old pictures into a little collage and BAM! The funniest story came back to me. If my life were a newspaper, the heading that day would have been “Two Year Old Steals Harley, Mother Chases Him Naked”!!

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Old Dog, New Tricks

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So this is Macy. She’s sixteen years old, which according to our calculations makes her roughly 112 in doggy years. If there were an AARP for dogs, she’d be card-carrying member. I’ve always heard you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I can assure you this isn’t true.

TiffPhone12-2015 312

Recently Macy figured out how to have a warm snuggly night at my expense. She grabs the corner of my down comforter with her mouth and pulls it on the floor in the middle of the night and she even takes a pillow if there is one close enough to the edge of the bed. For a while I thought the kids were tucking her in, but one night I woke up and there she was- dragging the blanket right off my feet. Read the rest of this entry »

The Last One to Hug Me

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Today my son turned 1o years old. You know what birthdays do, they send you on those journeys of reflection. I don’t think I’ve ever made it through a birthday for one of my children without glancing back at the baby pictures.


For a long time I didn’t want to talk much about the way we adopted our youngest four children. I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes or hurt anyone’s feelings. I especially never wanted to acknowledge the fact that they are all considered “special needs” kids. Read the rest of this entry »

Preheat the Oven

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“Mom, Jordan called me Kailynn!” My seven-year-old is screaming across the house as if she’s got a broken bone. “So,” I say in my flattest tone of voice, “that’s your name.” “But I don’t want him to call me Kailynn!” She continues to scream. I reflect upon my most recent meeting with her therapist and I wonder, “should I try medication? Surely all kids are like this!” Just as we start to get over that crisis, Jordan comes in holding his head, crying profusely because Jayden has hit him with a towel. Not even a wet towel, just a plain old dry kitchen rag. So I tell myself “if she needs medication, he needs medication, they all need medication, or maybe it’s me, MAYBE I need medication.” But I can’t dwell on it long because Trenton tackled Jayden and tore his hoodie. We have a new crisis brewing. Read the rest of this entry »