Paging Dr. House

21 Jul

I don’t have much time to watch TV these days, so my references are probably more than a little out-dated, but I used to watch that show “House” on Fox. Does it even still come on? The patients always have these strange symptoms that are seemingly unrelated and Dr. after Dr. fail to find the answers until Dr. House starts with his white board and super-human myster-solving skills. I’ve often stared at my daughter and wished he would just walk through the door and bring us some answers!

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Sex, Drugs, and Late for School

27 May

It’s amazing just how many topics are examined in just one morning here in the zoo. Tucker brought to me a stack of papers I needed to sign for his “Worth the Wait” program. “Worth the Wait” is an abstinence based sex-ed curriculum our school district adheres to. As I was cutting off the bottom portion of the pages, signing the chapters, I was glancing at them to make sure I have truly discussed these topics with him. Continue reading

Maybe it’s the thought that counts….

11 May

Sunday I had all sorts of grand plans in my head. I wanted to go to church, then drive 30 miles to visit my mother on her first Mother’s Day as a widow. I wanted to spend a few hours with her, and then go up the highway another 40 miles to see my step-mom and spread around some Mother’s Day cheer to two of the most important ladies in my life. All I managed of that plan was the part about going to church. When I got home someone said they got bit by a flea on the couch.

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Going Under

28 Apr

Yesterday my son went under the knife. Again. As I sat there in the waiting room, I couldn’t help but go back in time. It was almost exactly 16 years ago the first time we did this.

February had brought me a bouncing baby boy a few weeks early, but by March he had a collection of prescriptions. Acid reflux was the first diagnosis. Then there was the asthma and the breathing treatments and the questions of other possible problems, but it was the vomiting I was most worried about.
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No Apologies

15 Apr

I went to a birthday party last weekend. The funny thing I have learned about kids and birthday parties is that if you invite 20 people, 10 will come. If you invite 30, you’ll get 15. For some reason, having lots of kids at these little shindigs is what defines them as a success, which is why people invite me! I’ve often said that my little entourage is an instant birthday party! Just add cake.
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13 Apr

I had this goal of writing 250 blogs this year- it’s mid-April and I’m on #17…  I might need to crank it up if I’m gonna hit that goal. I was determined to write shorter, punchier pieces, but every single time I sit down with one thing to say, my mind wanders all over the place. I’ve been so introspective all my life, always reminiscing and analyzing; I think I drive myself crazy with the “what might have been’s” running through my brain.

When I try to go to sleep, there’s always a person in my head- someone I have something I want or need to say to, and I have these long conversations with them. If only those conversations really happened! If I’m not dreaming up a heart-to-heart, I’m making a to-do list. I’m planning the next day or contemplating my three wishes. Continue reading

For the 11th Time….

10 Apr

Well folks, it happened! I turned thirty-something for the very last time. April the 9th, the day that made me who I am. Seriously, so much of me has been entwined in the particular day on which I was born. I was expected in May, but that would have made me a Taurus. Not that I’m all hung up on Astrology, but I am slightly entertained by it. I could never be a Taurus because they are practical and they like regularity. I was meant to be an Aries…. the Ram is fiery, bossy, determined, and, well, they can’t be wrong. Yeah, that’s more me. Always right! (Or so I think….) Continue reading

The Difference of a Day

25 Mar

As luck would have it, Springbreak was pretty dreary. It rained nearly every day. But I found myself memorized by the tree in my backyard. From my bedroom window I watched the birds playing on it’s bare branches. You know those little geeky guys with the binoculars and the long lenses staring up into the trees? Well, suddenly I could see why they spend their days staring up into those branches!

We have at least 50 birds hanging out in our backyard tree. There are blue jays and cardinals and doves. I love how the red cardinal looks so in large and in charge! Continue reading

Jim Gammage

3 Mar

The other night I was laying on my bed with my husband – don’t worry, this story is rated PG – anyway, I was snuggled up next to him and we had our pretty little granddaughter sitting on my lap. We were just staring at her, mesmorized by her tiny little hands and her precious little smile. Suddenly I felt one of those tears escape. You know the kind, the bittersweet memory tears! I looked over at my husband and said “I wish we had more memories of moments like this!” 

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Wrong Number

27 Feb

The other day I got a call. The guys says “hey I’m from the cable company, and someone will be there around 4 to repair your service.” Of course, I have the number of my cable company programmed to my phone- how else could I avoid answering when my bill is late? So I knew this guy was up to something and I said “what cable company?” “The cable company ma’am, didn’t you request that we come install a family filter on your cable box?” Let me guess, you want my credit card pin, my PayPal password, and the social security number of my first born… Nice try buddy! I thought his timing was pretty ironic considering YouTube’s announcement that they are launching “Safety Mode” to the public. Many schools and businesses have already been using this feature for quite some time. It’s not flawless, but it does help block a great deal of the inappropriate material from being played. Of course my little hacker wasn’t happy. “What’s your YouTube password?” He asked me the very next day. “Why do you need it?” I replied. “So I can play the songs on my playlist!” Continue reading