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I’ve Been Keeping Secrets

I’ve Been Keeping Secrets

So much has been going on in this zoo of mine. My son is 17 days away from graduation. It’s been quite a ride with that kid. He’s an amazing young man. He’s smart. But the classroom hasn’t been his forte. He’s bored in there. He’d rather build something. I think he’s put together 5 cars since school started.

He drug home one little S-10 truck and put a V8 in it. If you’re not a car person, let’s just say tiny truck + big motor = FAST & LOUD. I’m excited to see what Dylan’s gonna do with his life. I’m proud of the man he’s become. He might not turn in his geometry, but if you’re fishing at the river and you get stuck in the mud, I guarantee he’ll be right there with his truck and a chain to save the day.

I don’t think it’s really sinking in just yet. 17 days and that little bitty baby will be done with the biggest chunk of childhood and I’ll have to give up my efforts to micro-manage him once and for all. Read the rest of this entry


When The Doves Cry


Isn’t it amazing how we connect our lives through music? I’m such a lover of music, and I have such an eclectic taste in music and there are a thousand songs that help me remember the stories of my life. I think the first song I remember loving was “he’s just a Coca-Cola Cowboy, with an Eastwood smile and Robert Redford hair…” I was about 2 or 3 years old when I ran around the house singing that. It reminded me of my Daddy, who was driving a Coke truck while going to the Fire Academy. “Jeremiah was a bullfrog- was a good friend of mine,” that was my anthem! You lose most of the day-to-day memories of childhood, but those stick with me, maybe because they’re attached to a melody.

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Back in Action


Just a few days after having a baby, I got a call asking if Treble Soul would like to appear on Fox News. I wasn’t sure Blondie was already up for an outing, but like a good “mama/manager” I left the choice to her. To my surprise, she was good to go! So Friday morning we got up bright and early and headed to the city to appear on Good Day Austin!

Good Day Austin!

Good Day Austin! (Click the pic to go watch the segment)

It was pretty neat taking the baby on her first outing. When the newsroom staff realized that Blondie had a baby just a week ago, they were pretty amazed too! It’s always fun to watch them in action, but while we were standing in the corner of the newsroom with a tiny little baby in my arms, my mother-in-law spotted a familiar face. There, on a shelf of station knick-knacks was a book called “The Sound of Austin – Portraits” and pictured on the cover was “Cousin Charlie”. It was something special to look over and see a face we knew!

The Sound of Austin - Portraits  Charlie Sexton

The Sound of Austin – Portraits
Charlie Sexton

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972 Phone Calls


Her first night in Nashville, Blondie saw ZZ Top and Kid Rock, not bad for a first night! She was cold, and tired, but the music kept calling to her. She had only been gone 3 days when I realized her Daddy had already racked up 972 phone calls to her. He called to see what she had for breakfast, he called to see if she ate dinner yet, he called to see if she’s spotted any famous people, he called to see if she was playing her music, and he called to see if his baby girl needed a pep talk- but most of all, he called to hear the voice that has filled our home with sunshine all these years.

Did I mention he called so she could FaceTime with her best friend, the famous 3 legged lucky dog, Trixie!!

Did I mention he called so she could FaceTime with her best friend, the famous 3 legged lucky dog, Trixie!!

When he started to think maybe he’d called too much, he told me to call instead. “Have you talked to her? Did she get the job?” He must have asked me a hundred times on Saturday.

“I don’t know anything yet, but don’t worry, she’s applied for many jobs already.” I kept reassuring him that she wasn’t going to sit still and wait for things to happen. She had already told me that in addition to trying to get herself a spot at Tootsie’s, she had applied for jobs as a waitress and a hostess all up and down Broadway. She was determined to get into the heart of Music City.

Her audition time came and went. We waited on pins and needles. The day passed and she didn’t know how it had panned out. Her Daddy was more nervous that she was. Sunday came and went and she went about the new routine she had formed- apply for jobs, stop in at Tootsie’s, apply for more jobs, eat a dollar burger, look for more jobs, say hello at Tootsie’s, get a 99 cent taco, try to plan out the next day, and hit the sack. She was confident that things were going to work out. I told her to be a Tootsies-stalker if she had to. I said “If that’s really where you want to be, don’t take no for an answer!”

By Monday, she had big news. “Uncle John (aka John Taylor, managing partner of Tootsie’s) is putting me in Honky Tonk School!”

Yay! Our baby went to college after all!

Now, what is Honky Tonk School, you’re wondering… well, it’s a chance to be submerged in the music, to play at different venues, and to learn to make a living doing what she loves. It’s a chance to follow her dream. (Click on the link and you can check it out more.)

In less than a week, Blondie found her a spot at Tootsie’s! She plays there almost every day. The best part? As a “student” of Honky Tonk School she is broadcast live on the webcam all the time. I watched Blondie graduate high school with 85 other kids, and I see those parents in the grocery store, and I know this town is full of mama’s who wish they could have a sneak peak into the day of their college freshmen, and I know just how lucky I am! I get to peak at my baby all the time. I get to see what she’s doing, and how she’s growing as an artist, and what she’s learning.

I even get to see her dance on tables every now and then! Now there are some mama’s who wouldn’t wanna know their daughter danced on a table, but I couldn’t be more proud!

How many moms get to spend their day "Screen Shotting" the live feed of the teenager in action? That's what I do!!

How many moms get to spend their day “Screen Shotting” the live feed of their teenager in action? That’s exactly what I do!!

She carved herself a niche in Nashville, now will she have what it takes to stay there?

To be continued………..

It was a normal Tuesday….


Last Tuesday I got to work, and suddenly I had a feeling in the gut of my stomach. I have seen Blondie do a lot of things. I know when she is going to beg for new jeans, change her hair color, “accidentally” ruin her cell phone, or break up with her boyfriend. Call it magic, esp, or mother’s intuition, but I can tell when she’s up to something.

I got out my phone and sent her a text message. “Why do I think you’re about to break up with **him** and do something crazy?!” I asked her.

“Are we really that bonded Mom?” She replied, and then she said “you can read me like a book!’ Read the rest of this entry

And so she goes…


I always knew one day our little song bird would fly away. I always knew one day her journey would become something magical in nature. I always knew she’d never take no for an answer. But I never knew it would happen quite the way it did… Read the rest of this entry

Who’s Gonna Fill His Shoes?


Join Music Mondays and share your favorite memories!

Sometimes our favorites memories of childhood aren’t the big aha Disneyland moments. Sometimes, they’re the simpler, everyday routines we cherished. When I was a kid I loved the smell of cigars in my father’s den, or the smell of leaded  gasoline being pumped in our car! I know, I’m weird.

I loved the way my Aunt Valerie bounced me on her knee and I was mesmerized by the trembles in my great-grandmother’s hand when she sewed. Some of my recollections even have a soundtrack, like when my grandfather would drive around and sing silly songs such as Skinamarinky-dinky-dink, Skinamarinky-doo, or when he’d play the ukelele in our little beach house, or when he would dance with my mother out on the floor of this honky-tonk and everyone would stop and stare at the pair they were! Read the rest of this entry

Save the Last Dance for Me!


It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a “Monday Music Moment”. I really thought I was going to have so much more time this year for writing down all the magical moments, but it’s going so fast, I hope I am at least getting them all committed to my memory!

Last week was most definitely the hardest moment of my life as a mother. We hit that boiling point as mom vs. teenage daughter that all my friends have assured me is perfectly normal. She said some things, I said some things, it wasn’t pretty and at the end of it, we had to do a little redefining. But there was this one moment where I knew, without a doubt, that we were gonna survive it. She sent me a message that said “Mom, I don’t wanna mess up our relationship, you’re my best friend.”

I know, Moms aren’t supposed to be friends, but a mother-daugther relationship has a special element of friendship that just grows along with the daughter. The older she gets, the more you become that person she confides in, the person she takes her stories to, and more than anything in this world I didn’t wanna lose that either.

It just so happened that all of the drama occurred at the beginning of what was to be a very busy week. It was her last trip to contest as a “Golden Girl”. Her first year on the dance team, she wanted me to chaperone the trip, but knowing she might need to bond with the girls more, I told her that I would be sure to be the chaperone her senior year. At the time, it seemed like forever would pass before my turn would come, but it flew by and Friday we loaded the buses for a trip to San Antonio.

We had a lot of fun. She had a few blonde moments, like when I asked how she could walk in her extra high heels. She said “Mom, I can multi-task!” I said “how is walking in heels multi-tasking?” She said “duh, walking AND talking!” She was complete serious too! We got to do a little fancy dining, some shopping, and then a whole lot of waiting. At a dance competition like that, you sit a few hours for every 4 minutes you get to see your daughter perform! We got there around 7am and we were there til 9 that night, and she performed about 5 times, but it was worth every second.

Luckily there were some good moms to visit with, because my booty was sore from spending most of the day in that blue plastic chair. We had a few laughs when I noticed that our front row seats gave us an up close and personal view of many girls who forgot to shave their armpits (not our team, of course). Someone should add that to the dancer’s checklist they always have before contest.

Tights, check.
Jazz shoes, check.

Costumes, check.
Music, check.
Armpits, SHAVED!

I didn’t cry all day long, but once they settled in for the awards ceremony, I felt the “it’s the last time…” emotions starting to crank up. As the Major of the team, she was the one who got to jump up and accept their trophies. Every time she stood up, I felt a lump in my throat. And then it happened, the last trophy was awarded. The gym floor was covered with screaming teenage girls. I made my way to her team, just as the seniors broke into tears, hugging each other, crying together, and that’s when it hit me, she really is going to be gone soon and all these little power struggles we have right now will seem so ridiculous.


I’m glad I picked her senior year to go with her on that trip. I think I will treasure those moments for many decades to come. She’s no longer the freshman who forgot to smile at her first pep rally! She was the leader of the pack, and every day I am amazed at the beautiful young lady she is. This week we learned some really important lessons. We had to forgive one another, we had to accept each other’s imperfections, we had to negotiate a new way of doing things, but at the end of the biggest fire storm we ever faced together, we still had each other.

On the bus ride home, for a moment, she put her fingers in my hair like she always did when she was a little girl. I sat there thinking that I gotta keep working on letting go more, but all I wanted to do was hold on to her, forever!


Midnight in Montgomery


 Mondays are not my favorite, so I try to tell a story that puts me in a better mood. Music always puts me in a better mood, so Mondays I tell my best Music moments. Feel free to join me! I will link back to you if you do…



Well it wasn’t really midnight when we rolled into Montgomery, but it was raining.

Something seemed almost soulful about the pouring rain in Alabama, and I kept hearing that old song play through my head. I wanted to soak in the spirit of ol’ Hank. Of course that was a little bit challenging when 8 kids kept saying “I’m hungry. Mama, I’m hungry!”

I love music and I love history, so of course I love the legendary stories of country music. I don’t think it matters if you like country music or not. I listen to all kinds of music, but country tells stories in a way that no other genre can touch. You just have to respect that there is some amazing history in there. There are tragedies, tears, and a whole lotta rising up against all that! Even though we still had many miles to go, my husband gave into my curiosity and drove me down the Lost Highway.

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Some Say Love


Well, it’s Monday again, and even though I’m seriously behind on paperwork, and I really need to get my pen in hand and get busy, I came across a song last week that I knew I should share as one of my Monday Music Memories.

In our house, there’s a lot of noise all the time! Most of it is karaoke. Blondie is forever learning new songs for her shows, and I’m forever suggesting old ones that any crowd will love. A lot of the time my mom-in-law comes over and we sit at the table picking songs while Blondie serenades us. One day last week she clicked on an oldie that took me back to a day long ago.

My sisters and I were decked out in matching lavender colored polka dot dresses. Five little girls with dirty blonde hair all dressed the same, watching my dad get remarried. (Now there’s a picture I need to dig up!) I’m not gonna lie, at first, I was not happy about this idea. Like any kid, I wanted my daddy back at home, with me. I didn’t wanna share him with his new wife, or these new girls.

My new sister Amy was my age. We were both used to being the oldest, and neither of us was too keen on this idea of our parents liking each other. So, we teamed up. Yep, me made a plan to split our parents up. We were sure if we carried this plan out, we’d have our families back together in no time. We got out crayons and paper and we drew up a plan. Step 1 was going to be destroying the water bed in their room, thus creating the fight of the century. We headed to their room, with butter knives in hand, aiming to poke a few holes, when we heard footsteps headed our way! Read the rest of this entry