RIP Old Friend…


Well, it finally happened. My lotus finally died. lotusI’ve got to say, we had some really good times. She was among the first of the touch screens to make an appearance in the world. It was sad to watch her go from Elite to Extinct!

But all good things must come to an end… I was that lady on the commercial where is says “2006 called, they want their camera phone back!” Yep, the keys had been texted on so many times, the letters were completely rubbed off. You just had to know exactly where they were to use that phone.

The phone itself actually still works, its the charging port that is no good. I have to give it to LG, they built one rugged phone! It survived many near-death-experiences including a swan dive into a bowl of banana pudding, a trip into a mud puddle, numerous falls and lots of sticky little hands trying to find angry birds on it, but finally, I decided, it was time to let her go, so goodbye Lotus, Hello GALAXY!


It’s been a big deal around the zoo for Mom to have the new phone. Dyl Pickles tried his best to trade his Galaxy 2 for my Galaxy 4, but after Daddy and Blondie have taken over all of the upgrades in the past five years with their broken phone habits, it was time for Mom to get the latest and the greatest. I’m sure, five years from now, I will be one of the last people still using my Galaxy s4.

The funniest part of having a new phone was the day the old one was laying on my desk. The little kids wanted to play with it, but I said “no, I”m still going to try to Bluetooth my ringtones to my new phone if I can…”

One of my twins got a really serious look on his face, and he said “would you like to hear the “your mama” joke you have just reminded me of?”

I was scared to know what was coming next, but of course I took the bait and listened to my very sincere six year old tell me “your mama’s so stupid she went to the orthodontist for a blue tooth!”


Well, at least life in the zoo is always filled with comic relief.


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