A while back the wonderful Sandwich Lady nominated me as a Versatile Blogger! I was so excited, just what I had been waiting for: BLOGGER VALIDATION! Is there anything better than finding out someone likes to read all this stuff we’re obsessively writing down?

So I started to write my Versatile post and suddenly I was overwhelmed by the rules of it all. I had to spout off random facts about myself and tag more bloggers. The random facts I can handle, but what blogs do I choose? How would I decide??

The more I thought about it the more I found myself back in the third grade when Kristi Brennegar mailed me a chain letter. I remember being so excited because I opened the mailbox and among the junk mailers there was a little white envelope with my name carefully written on the front! I ripped it open only to find that I had 24 hours to seal my fate, if I didn’t get 8 copies of that letter written and mailed, (insert scary music here) I was doomed to 5 years of bad luck! Five Years! That would have lasted me all the way through junior high!!

Of course, I got busy, hand writing that letter 8 times and carefully picking fellow girl scouts to  pass it to so that bad luck would not over take my life. Those days of feverish scribbling in my little room are where the pencil callous on my middle finger got its start! It took half an eternity to get them all written, then I had to stuff them in envelopes and get addresses out of the phone book. (Remember the days before Google, when we actually used those things?!) I was so proud of my completed project and ran to get some stamps from my mom, and she said “Chain letters are silly, nothing can give you bad luck, and I’m not wasting stamps on that! You can pass them out to your friends later.”

You can’t pass out a chain letter, it doesn’t work that way. You have to mail it. (No, not email it, mail it!) I was doomed to years of bad luck and I knew it. I took off on my bicycle with the little basket on the front of it and started pedaling around the neighborhood while pouting over the stamps when lo and behold! That dreadful little weenie dog down the street decided to chase me, I fell off my bike, skinned my knee (one of those awful scrapes filled with bits of gravel) and what do you know? The bad luck was already setting in.

Let me just sidetrack for a second here! That darned weenie dog chased me ALL the time! It would run along my bicycle and nip my ankles. I had a big white German Shepard at my house, and I was terrified by this ugly little weenie dog. I don’t know why I never just kicked it in the head, or fed it to my dog as a snack! Instead, it would come running out, my stomach would turn into a ball of nerves, and more than once I wrecked my bike nervously trying to get away from it. My entire life I have hated weenie dogs because of it, and so what do I have now? You guessed it! A weenie dog. After Max died, this “Dapple Dachshund” just moved right in. Don’t know where he came from, but he refuses to leave! When I realized he was smart enough to hide under a small child’s bed every time I tried to chase him out of the house, I gave up my attempts to evict him.

Back to the story, so the bad luck was chasing me, and I knew this was going to be much worse than the time I had stepped on the cracks that broke my mother’s back, so that night, I got the stamps anyway and mailed out my chain letters. For a while, I was apprehensive to open anything that came in the mail, even though, I loved nothing more than mailbox treasures.

I still love mailbox treasures, but that’s another story for another day. In fact, I have so many stories I wanna tell, I never got around to telling you I was a Versatile Blogger, and I felt bad that I never finished my post to the Sandwich Lady’s nomination, but with 7 kids, I find plenty of good excuses for not getting around to these things sometimes. (Chaos has its advantages after all!) Then as luck would have it, I was tagged by Simple Observations, and there I was again searching for the right bloggers to pick for my “chain letter” blog. When Search for a Soul Mate added me to her Versatile Blog nominations, I decided to ditch the procrastination and say a few things.

First, I think it’s completely awesome that my blog has readers. Of course I think my life is interesting, but the fact that more than one person subscribed to what I had to say still blows my mind. I just started blogging a few months ago after a conversation with my best friend put the idea in my head. At first, I was only going to write the silly funny things my kids do, especially since my oldest is a teenager, and she’s as blonde as can be! We always have a funny tale to tell. Like yesterday, despite our constant conversations regarding geography and passports, she still wondered if I needed to get her a passport for her upcoming trip to California, and she is still confused as to why Mexico is not part of the United States. (If you missed those blogs, you better go back now and catch up!)

So on to the Versatile Rules:

I have to tag some blogs, but I’ll get to that later. I have to thank The Sandwich Lady and Search for a Soul Mate, and I must say, to be nominated by some of my favorite blogs is a lot of fun.

Now, for 7 random facts about me: (Something I haven’t already babbled about in cyberspace, now there’s the challenge!)

1. My pet peeve is when movies/cds/dvds/video games aren’t returned to their cases after being watched/played/listened to!

2. I make wishes. Sometimes I occupy my time by thinking to myself “if I had 3 wishes, what would I wish for?” And most of the time I challenge myself to create such complex sentences that I cram three wishes into one. I always wish my wallet had a magic compartment where when I took out the crisp new hundred-dollar bill, another magically took its place!

3. A documentary on PBS about Marilyn Monroe aired somewhere around 1984, and watching it with my grandpa at our beach house sparked my life long adoration for the actress. I firmly believe she was murdered by the CIA for having brains hidden inside her bombshell!

4. I am creeped out by the deer head my husband hung in our living room yesterday.  :/ And I’m not the only one, Jordan was scared to open the front door; I bet he was imagining the rest of the deer hanging out the other side of that wall!

5. I have crazy, twisted, complicated, somehow based on reality, sometimes predicting the future kinds of dreams! My dreams could possibly create a blog all their own…. Especially that one about Michael Jackson!

6. Speaking of dreams, I am dying to go to Europe. I want to lose myself in London and find myself in Paris!

7. I’ve been with my husband for 16 years and guess what we’ve never done? (Not that, we have kids silly!) We have NEVER been on an airplane together. I think it makes him nervous because I’d like to jump out of one.

Now on to being tagged: I was tagged by Simple Observations!  For this one, I’m supposed to tag some more bloggers (yes, we will eventually get to that) and then answer and ask 11 questions.

So here are the questions they asked me…

1. If a magical Genie granted you three wishes with the condition that you could keep one, but had to give the other two away; what would they be?  To spend a week at the beach with my best friend and no one else; to have an unlimited supply of money (the magic wallet previously mentioned will do the trick); and to never have to count carbs again.

2. What chore do you hate doing the most?  LAUNDRY (We have a love-hate relationship, I love warm, clean smelling clothes, and I hate piles of dirty stinky ones!)

3. Do you or anyone else think you look like a living or dead, famous person?  Yes, but I would be embarrassed to say who, because I don’t think I live up to the comparison.

4. Are you a morning or a night person? Definitely a night owl!

5. If you could be one superhero; who would it be, and why? Wonder Woman, because I used to wear the Underoos!

6. What were the best and worst gifts you ever received? Best Gift: My grandpa gave me the advertisement Champion Spark Plugs once did at my great-grandpa’s shop, The Old Reliable Garage. I loved that advertisement as a child and it hangs in my house today. I’ve never really gotten a gift I absolutely hated, if I did I must’ve re-gifted it, so I’ve forgotten all about it. (Yep, I’ll re-gift in a heartbeat! Recycling at its finest!) But once, I did wrap presents for my parents that turned out to be mine, now that was FUNNY!

7. Can you describe who you really are in 20 words or less? Smart, Fierce, Compassionate, Sensitive, Romantic, Motherly, Sarcastic,  Driven, Silly, Girlie, Intuitive, and forever seeking to learn, be, and do MORE!

8. What was the hardest thing you ever had to do?  One thing I have never blogged about is the hardships I have overcome, but possibly the toughest one for me is letting go- admitting that there are people-relationships-circumstances in my life that I cannot change and that I don’t need to continue fighting for.

9. If you had to give up one modern convenience; what would it be? Microwave oven. I’ve done that one, and so I can handle it. There’s just no way I’d risk a day without my cell phone! 🙂

10. What was the strangest dream you ever had, about? It would take a whole other blog to tell you my Michael Jackson dream, but maybe I’ll do that one day. But also my dreams told me I was pregnant, dreams told me my grandfather, great-grandmother, and a family friend were about to pass away (separate times) so I often listen to my dreams because I am just one of those people who sees it before it happens!

11. What scares you? Loneliness. I know there will come a day when all these beautiful babies have grown up and moved away and I am not looking forward to those years the way my husband is!

Now here’s where I’m supposed to ask 11 questions for the bloggers I tag, then I am supposed to go and ask them to play along, but I’m a rebel. I’m bucking the system. I’m changing the rules. You see, I’m knee-deep in renovations and I’m covered in Red Mahogany Wood Stain.  I am a bit cramped for time, so instead, I’m gonna tell you about some of my absolute favorite blogs, and hope you check them out when you get the chance. I feel like I’m center stage at the Grammy’s and about to forget to thank the one person who made it all possible, so if I forget to mention your blog, please please please, blame it on the paint fumes!

Morning Wood– This was one of the very first blogs I followed, and in the beginning most of the blogs I stumbled across I found in the comments of his threads. I love the way he writes about his journey through this life, and I wish (OH HOW I WISH) I could trade lives with him for a week or two and be a pirate on an adventure instead of a momma pulling triple duty days! Sadly I haven’t seen a post from him in a long while… 😦

Search for A Soul Mate – This girl is smart and witty and writes all about her adventures in dating. I’m not sure if she makes me thankful that I’m not in the dating world or if she makes me wish I could give it a whirl. Either way, she’s forever entertaining and grammatically correct most of the time. (Another pet peeve- writer’s who don’t write well! LOL)

Conversations with a Cowboy – I clicked on that blog just because the name grabbed my attention, and found a journey about a dad who actually wants to stick around and help raise his kids after divorce! In fact, he’s gone all the way to the Supreme Court defending his right to co-parent on more equal terms. I admire that a great deal!

SocialKenney– I think his blog is actually called “Venture through dating…” All this dude does is write about picking up women. Now come on girls, you better read this, so you can stay ahead of the game! Only when we know exactly how they play can we beat them! (Or at least continue to confuse them…)  🙂   Still trying to figure out why these dating blogs amuse me so…

Apronhead– I love the pictures she always posts. She takes pictures like I do, with a real love and appreciation for nature. Plus, her recent post about how to spend more money than you make had me cracking up!

I also like to read Sparklebumps, The Dark Globe (because they are building a site with many different contributors, is a good place to find good blogs), Sarah Smiles Awhile, The Brown Road Chronicles, Heatherlgraham, The Edmonton Tourist, and so many mommy blogs I can’t even think straight long enough to link them!

I know, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. I follow so many blogs and love them all,  but the polyurethane is starting to go to my head, so I gotta quit typing and go get some fresh air!